Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dundee here we come!

Today I received what was possibly the best email of my life. My little notification box popped up saying I'd received a new message from D2BD, and all that would fit in the window was "Dear Bears with Jetpacks, Con"

After a few deep breaths I clicked it and the full message popped up. The word 'Con' finished with "gratulations!  You have been selected to take part in Dare to be Digital 2010."

I fell off my chair.

So we're going to Dundee for 10 weeks this summer. Amazing news that we're all ecstatic about... I know I'm not the only one who didn't stop shaking for an hour or so.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Presentation is key

Well we've just got back from Wolverhampton after presenting our game to the panel. It went well, the powerpoint went off without a hitch and we said everything we planned to.
The panel was made up of 2 guys from Blitz and 1 from Rare, and had some really good points which gave us food for thought on the way home. All the stuff they suggested made a lot of sense and would definitely have a place in Grrr!, let's just hope they give us the chance to do it.

Wolverhampton itself is a pretty nice place, we stayed overnight as we were first on this morning, and it's a good job too as we had a mishap on the train down and lost a laptop. It carried on the journey to Plymouth without us and we're still waiting for information as to whether it got handed in, so wish us luck in retrieving it. After all the police and train-company paperwork we arrived an hour and a half late, so it's lucky we didn't travel this morning. We managed to find a Nando's open so were able to at least have a good meal and a beer each before some last minute revision and a travel-lodge nights sleep. [Update: Amila has since got his laptop back! The train staff found it and returned it, a very happy resolution to this little episode]

We'll hopefully find out how we did within the next few weeks, so if you're interested stay tuned. I'll also post up the gameplay example videos and other stuff we made for the presentation as well when I've got some time, but at the moment I have 3 handins for the 5th May and another for the week after that. Who said a masters was easy.

Monday, April 12, 2010

We've got a green light

Today we got the news that we've been accepted to the presentation stages of the competition. That on it's own is no mean feat, but we're still a long way from Dundee. It's like joining the gym, you've taken a step in the right direction by filling in the forms, but until you put in some actual hard work you're still just a fatty.

The date for the presentations is next week, a LOT sooner than we had expected, so it's noses to the grindstone again to get something worthy of Dundee put together. Not great timing considering how many assignments we have at uni right now, but we didn't get this far in our education without learning how to squeeze every last second out a deadline.

Wish us luck. Not that we'll need it, we're ace.